Dogs for Dinner in China


Dogs for DinnerThe Yulin Summer Solstice Lychee and Dog Meat Festival is a cultural niche event with dogs for dinner guaranteed to raise the ire of dog lovers everywhere – although I suspect more than a few of them enjoy their sausages and steaks from other animals.

Perhaps this is because few of us own potbellied pigs, or keep a duck in the garden to control the snails. Quite what thus has to do with the longest day in the northern hemisphere escapes me although no doubt my habits do bemuse some.

Facebook Goes Ape over Dogs for Dinner

Facebook followers are outraged because they believe the dogs for dinner are stolen from homes where they are family companions. This runs counter to official policy that requires canines to be bred on farms and certified fit for human consumption by inspectors. Certainly many photographs circulating on social media include cute pooches sporting designer collars. But are these for real, or rigged like so much of the ‘horror’ stuff on Facebook?

Not True Says Yulin Government News Agency

Yulin officials insist that, “The so-called summer solstice lychee dog meat festival does not exist,” although they do admit to small social get-togethers happening in the past. Tradition holds the dogs for dinner practice brings good luck and health and from time to time no doubt these things coincide.

Dogs for Dinner – A Question of Values

There have been almost a million tweets on hashtag #StopYulin2015. I eat beef from cows the Hindu people consider sacred. Kosher and Halaal have their followers. We stand by and watch millions of displaced people starve yet we do nothing. They shoot horses, don’t they? Anybody fancy dogs for dinner? Not me I fear, but to each his own. I wonder what the Chinese social media made of this.

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