Explaining why China loves Liu Wen? Special CSBR Report


Liu Wen, who originally became famous as a model, has become cemented in the hearts of Chinese consumers – as a result brands can’t get enough of her.  But despite her popularity, she still delivered more than followers, she genuinely is able to engage with her public.

Originally from a small village in Hunan (in South-central China),  Liu has become one of China’s most internationally recognised models.  While she made breakthrough appearances on fashion catwalks in Europe, her appearance in the Victoria’s Secret annual show -making her the first ‘Asian’ model to be featured – cemented her fame, at home and abroad.

160505 LiuWen 1

Liu Wen’s amazing perfomance in Victoria’s Secret show

But as her fame grew, it began apparent to all – while noted for her look, she had a super down-to-earth attitude and enthusiasm to connect with others.   This lead her to make a foray into reality television, as a participant and a host.

As a participant, she was incredibly candid about her views on romance and life.  As a host, she has excelled in the role of introducing viewers to new travel and culinary experiences.

Is she the perfect celebrity for brands?  Quite possibly

Key aspects of Liu Wen’s public persona are

  1. While beautiful, her look does not conform to traditional beauty standards; for example, the moon-face of other female celebrities such as Fan Bingbing.  This is important, as it arguably makes people more open and confident in their own look.
  2. Liu Wen’s wider array of interests, and love of sharing these with fans online.
  3. Her outgoing and adventurous attitude to life
  4. Her nickname “big cousin”, that went viral with Chinese netizens after she told a fan who recognized her on the street, to “not to think of her as Liu Wen, but instead as a big cousin.”
  5. Her relationship with fashion, her styling is literally a trending topic online in China
  6. Her humble beginnings combined with her down-to-earth attitude, means she is inspiring
    160505 LiuWen 2

    Liu Wen shared her life with fans online

Brands love Liu Wen too, so we will prepare a new CSBR so you understand how she is being used digitally

Recently, the sheer popularity has proven a major drawing card for brands.

Most recently Tory Burch , Louis Vuitton  and Estee Lauder have used Liu in different ways

  • Tory Burch – as a ‘behind the scenes’  fashion reporter
  • Louis Vuitton – as a ‘strong women’ who succeeded against the odds
  • Estee Lauder – as the producer of a secret beauty diary

Due to Liu Wen’s increasing use by brands in China, we will produce a special CSBR report, on how she is being successfully/and less successfully deployed by brands digitally.
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