Fashion E-commerce Taking Strides to Make Customers Happy


Fashion E-commerce

Fashion E-commerce is taking China by storm. Consumers are interested in getting the latest offerings from brands, often many times before they can be seen in the brick and mortar stores. It is a great way for Chinese consumers to have the latest and greatest fashions of their favorite designer. However, there seems to be an expanding problem with the fashion e-commerce world. There is a common complaint among buyers that clothes are simply not fitting the way they should.

Most people would think nothing of this issue. They would simply send this back via the mail, and then request a larger or smaller size that is needed. However, with the influx of shoppers in China who are buying online, many people are not content to wait for the new order to arrive. In order to help with this issue, the online shop Grana, has decided to do something about this.

The Fashion E-commerce Makes Clothes Buying Easier

Grana knew this was a common complaint of many people who were buying their clothing online, so in an effort to make this easier, they have launched a brick and mortar store in Hong Kong that is going to allow a person to try on the clothes they may be interested in. This is also going to allow the buyer to find out what their size is for this brand of clothing. They can then order the colors, extended sizes, or the like online that they are interested in.

The first store that the company has opened is in Hong Kong, where a lot of their buyers are located. The company is not allowing people to buy the clothes in their brick and mortar store, they are simply there to allow for size adjustments and to notice colors or the like. The company is providing computers for consumers to utilize in order to place their orders right there. Whatever the person orders can be available next day at the store for pickup.

The founder of Grana stated:

“We bring together the best of two shopping worlds for a unique hybrid experience.”

Gaining Customer Loyalty

One of the biggest benefits of Grana doing this, is that they are developing a loyal base of consumers. While many people would argue having a brick and mortar store simply for trying on clothes is outrageous, a waste of time, and takes away from the principle of buying online for most consumers, it would seem that consumers value the brand for taking the time to fix an issue that has been happening for years with fashion e-commerce.

Will this new innovation become the norm for fashion e-commerce in China? Given how big e-commerce is in China, the idea that buyers would go elsewhere because they are not happy with how the e-commerce shops are doing is something that is hard to imagine. However, Grana is making sure that there is no reason why consumers would feel as though they are being forced elsewhere for their clothing purchases. It may be only a matter of time before other fashion stores follow in their footsteps to maintain their cliental.

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