Foreign Brands Look to Tmall Global to Enter into the Chinese Market


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Foreign brands who are looking to expand their brand, often look to invest into foreign markets. One of the biggest foreign markets that businesses are investing in is the Chinese market. This is due to the high number of consumers that are available to reach, as well as the fact that foreign businesses often find lots of success within the Chinese market. E-commerce in China is bigger than in other parts of the world, and this is reflected by the numerous brands that do end up making in the Chinese market. Since e-commerce is so plentiful in China, many brands often wonder about which online shopping platform is the best choice. Not surprisingly, most business turn to Tmall Global, but why is this?

Tmall Global is the Fast Track Option

One of the reasons why so many foreign brands that enter into the Chinese market are doing so through Tmall Global is that this is often the fastest option to get their product into the market. With traditional business setups, a foreign brand would have to jump through several legalities within China in order to offer their product. For those who go with Tmall Global, they simply sign up and Tmall starts to help them build their online presence. In addition, this is often the route that foreign businesses take to ensure that their product is something that would be of interest to Chinese consumers.

Another reason why many foreign brands look to Tmall Global is that the company is now allowing travelers to purchase duty free products before heading into places like Korea and Thailand. These products will be available for them once they land in the airport. This idea is what has helped Tmall Global to spread its wings and become a dominant force for foreign brands on the Chinese market.

Counterfeit Goods on Tmall Global

Counterfeit goods are something that Alibaba has been facing recently, and is one of the primary worries for foreign companies that are entering onto the market. However, Tmall Global has a no tolerance policy when it comes to counterfeit products. The more counterfeit products on the market, the more this is going to affect the value of the real thing, which is what Alibaba tries to avoid.

Biggest Sellers on Tmall Global

Surprising the biggest selling products on Tmall Global are usually products related to the baby, healthcare, beauty and maternal areas of shopping. The shopping habits of Chinese consumers have pointed to the customer wanting quality products that they do not have to worry about safety with, which is why several of these consumers are buying these products from overseas vendors. According to Janet Wang, head of the international business development at Tmall:

“You would be surprise – – we sell a lot of imported shampoo and toothpaste, from companies like P&G and Unilever, but also organic skincare products, for example from German brand Weleda.”

For foreign brands that are looking to make it big on the Chinese market, without having to invest a lot of their money into this, then Tmall Global is often the way to go. Those companies who have taken the chance are more than happy with their performance in the market.

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