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Google has recently been in the news thanks to a new logo, which is a change from what consumers are accustomed to. However, according to recent talks with China, there should be something else that the world is watching. After five years of not being in China, Google is plotting their return.

Though Google may not be competing with Baidu when they get to the Chinese economy, they are going to be offering some competition to the local smartphone makers. Right now, since China censors Google Play Shop in China, those companies that offer smartphones to the community are building their own type of Google Play store with apps that the consumer can utilize.

Many of these smartphone manufacturers are basing these apps on what Google is actually offering, thus copying their product. Right now, Google cannot do anything about this, even though it seems as though these manufacturers are stealing their ideas and developing this for themselves. However, if the talks with China go well, the smartphone manufacturers are going to find that they will have to pay Google to do what they are doing now.

The reason that Google left China to begin with was due to Internet censorship. In 2010, Google was blocked by Beijing since the search results that were being seen by Google were not censored. In addition, there were a few issues with Beijing over free speech and some cyberattacks against Gmail users, causing Google to pull out of China altogether. However, with their new talks, they are hoping to find a nice medium with China and offer Chinese consumers an app store for their smartphones and tablets, utilizing the Google Android software platform.

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So why is now the time that Google is attempting to get back into China? China has ultimately became the biggest market for smartphones and tablets. Apple has had tremendous success in China, and now Google wants to compete with Apple as they do in the United States. Only time will tell whether the talks with China will succeed and Google will enter into the market. If they do, Chinese consumers are going to have even more choices, and some companies may find that they will need to step up their marketing ploy in order to maintain their customer levels.

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