Haagen-Dazs releases Tmall Ice-cream Cakes


Haagen-Dazs has enjoyed tremendous success in China due to a very focussed entry-strategy based on store presence and dedicated brand-fridges for retailers.  But as Chinese find an appetite for premium ice-cream, Haagen-Dazs faces the challenge of staying relevant with a new generation of netizens.

A Tmall/Haagen-Daz Ice-cream Cake

In collaboration with B2C site Tmall,  Haagen-Dazs launched a special Tmall ice-cream cake and supporting  digital campaign as part of the Tmall’s “Super Brand Day”.  The campaign was timed to coincide with Haagen-Dazs’ 20th year in China.



In a series of digital posters, Haagen-Dazs created a story about a mythical ‘dessert master’ who goes to great lengths to source the flavours for the special Tmall ice cream cake.   To support the launch, the ice cream brand a series of online posters.

See the poster campaign translated below

The following posters featured as part of the Taobao campaign, and on Tmall’s Haagen-Dazs’ Weibo feeds.


“The recipe of our new ice cream cake traces back to our founder’s secret recipe”


“The vanilla is brought by the dessert master, direct from Madagascar – the result of 900 battles with beasts (like the ancient Chinese novels or a video game)”


“To get the raspberry for the cake’s sauce, the dessert master must climb the highest peaks”


“To ensure the highest quality of milk, the dessert master raised a herd of cows”


“The new ice cream cake is a result of the dessert master going into a mediated trance”


“Who would have known, but it is the flavour of ‘that face you know’ – Tmall”

An assessment – Very Off-brand, brand fail

It feels this is another example of a brand getting too carried away with localising, forgetting their brand character in the process.  Haagen-Dazs has always sat at the pinnacle of the category in China, as a result of their early entry and dedicated retail presence.   But in this campaign, the very Chinese themes and product story do fit a brand that has always communicated leadership and premiumness.

It is a classic case of being “Tmall-ed” – if you are going to collaborate with the big e-commerce giants, don’t lose your brand in the process.  Check out our previous article on how other brands have got TMALLED!.


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