How Air France and China Made the Connection


Air France and China may seem strange bedfellows initially. On the one hand, we have inscrutable Chinese people emerging from their Mao Tse-tung eggshell. On the other, we have Air France, vivacious Paris, sparkling Champagne, Pâté de Foie Gras, and sidewalk cafés all hoping to profit from the emerging relationship between Air France and China.

Promises Shared between Air France and China Passengers

Chinese Tourists reports the airline with the slogan Air France Is In the Air has trained its 15,000 flight attendants to adapt their style when welcoming their Chinese guests. Announcements are in Mandarin on flights to and from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and in Cantonese for Hong Kong flights. Interpreters will continue to be available as they have for the past ten years.

Relationship between Air France and China Takes Off on Boarding

Service levels between Air France and China are pitched at exceptional levels of openness to other cultures. While meals are still served with Gallic flair accompanied by fine wines, these comprise a range of Chinese cuisine in business, premium economy and economy classes, with jasmine tea the order of the day instead of filter coffee. After-dinner movies have Mandarin or Cantonese subtitles, while each flight also features an authentic Chinese film. Air France and China have come a long way towards a meeting of cultures. Others airlines will have to follow.

Superb Pre-Flight Information Service Backs This Up

The French airline is mindful that cultural differences can cause confusion between Air France and China clients, and goes to great lengths to ensure that travel arrangements proceed smoothly. Its brand strategy includes a dedicated email / sms service concerning delays, curtailments, cancellations, gate changes, and interruptions in delivery of luggage following a flight. Air France and China certainly have their act together.

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