How Australia E-Businesses Enter into the Chinese Market


Australia Post has announced an ingenious new way to help midsize Australia e-businesses post Chinese-language advertisements on Alibaba’s market place. It has created a bridging platform for them to post to. Then it quality checks the information, translates it, and forwards it on to China.

Why This Is a Big Deal for Australia E-Businesses

Australian total ecommerce turnover approaches A$15 billion annually. In November 2014, Alibaba sold US$9 billion in 24 hours on its first ‘singles day’. Australia Post knows that China is a huge market. Lining up its customers so 24 million Australians can connect to 1.3 billion Chinese is an integral part of Australia Post’s ‘Building Future Ready’ strategy. It aims to replace unprofitable activities with lucrative business centres, perhaps along the lines of the UK Royal Mail’s initiative.

I Want To Get Into This. How Do I Start?

Australia Post is being picky. To get past first post, applicants must be medium-sized Australia Australia E-Businessese-businesses with company registrations, good reputations and a brand trademarked locally. They must also hold over 500 stock keeping units of products made in Australia.These should ideally be in the baby, health supplement, maternity, or non-perishable food sectors.

The bridging platform is building out progressively. To date, just 30 customers have made it through the hoops and signed on. Famous names include Bellamy’s Organic, Cullen Wines, Jeans West, Swisse Vitamins, and Olive Oil Skin Care Company.

Why Australia Post Wants Medium-Size Australia E-Businesses

The government post office service has taken lessons from China ecommerce companies that buy in or build out their own distribution networks. Australia Post is targeting Australia e-businesses with insufficient scale and firepower to break away and distribute on their own.

IT News reports the development time of Australia Post’s HTML5 platform was a mere six weeks and was completed 18 months ago. Following a successful alpha test with selected clients, the beta version is ready and open for business.

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