How Online Shopping is Changing Chinese Consumers


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When it comes to online shopping, Chinese consumers have been given some of the best platforms that are found throughout the world. They have Alibaba, the ecommerce king, as well as to choose from, along with several other smaller platforms.

An in-depth look at how this has changed Chinese consumer’s show that many people are now getting opportunities that they would otherwise not have had if it were not for online shopping. According to Statista, during 2105 there are 60% of Chinese consumers who are shopping online. This is up by 30% compared to 2009. So how has this changed the life of Chinese consumers? This was the question asked by Huang Qingjin, a Chinese photographer who traveled throughout China to those rural areas and asked Chinese consumers to take a picture with the items that they purchased from Taobao, owned by Alibaba.

Huang sated:

“For people living in remote areas, Internet shopping is a lifeline to the outside world – a way to access a host of products that would never be seen where they live.”

Huang posted many of his pictures online via Pinterest for the world to see:

Huang pic 1

The above picture is a mother and her son who live in the Jilin Province that is near the border of North Kora. As you can tell, the son has many toys that were purchased online

huang pic 2

The above picture is of a couple who runs the Dhahran Inn located in Lhasa, within the Xizang Province. The couple has spent on average over $200,000 in the past ten years on online shopping products to help fill their inn and make their guests comfortable.

huang pic 3

This family lives in the Horqin Right Front Banner, located in Inner Mongolia. The family would have had to drive for 87 miles to buy any item before online shopping. With online shopping they have saved their time and energy.

Learn more about Alibaba, the top online shopping platform in China, here

What Chinese Consumers have gained from Online Shopping?

With the above pictures being evidence of how far online shopping in China has traveled, it is plain to see that this has changed many people’s lives. No longer are people having to drive hours away for products, they are finding that they can get a bigger selection of products online. Plus, many people like that they can now order products from other areas across the globe, something that was not possible before. One thing is for certain, online shopping has made life easier for Chinese consumers to get what they need or want.

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