How Online Shopping is Saving Rural China


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When people think of rural China, they most often think of small villages that are full of livestock, crops and people who are working to make their lives better. However, more and more small villages in China are starting to become ghost towns. For those who venture into this rural village they are going to see abandoned houses, less people, and feel a sense of sadness from those who have stayed.

Why are rural areas starting to look like ghost towns? According to those who stay behind, young men and women are leaving their villages in hopes of finding more work and better pay in the cities. It is a problem that many have realized for quite some time, though no one has really known what they could do in order to make rural China still a place that has offers for people, and is going to fulfil their needs. That is until now. Now, it seems that the hope of rural China is resting in the hands of online shopping.

Why Online Shopping in Rural China?

The village of Qing Yan Liu, that is located four hours of Shanghai, is showcasing just how rural areas are not limited in what they have to offer the world. This village has embraced the Internet and those who live here honestly believe that this is going to change the way of life for everyone.

Taobao is responsible for the change that is being seen in Qing Yan Liu. But how did they do this? Those who saw the village at first would have seen ran down homes that were in need of serious work. When the company came into the area, these homes were torn down and new apartment buildings were built. Each person in the village was given an apartment based on how many were in their family. From there, things simply escalated. Residents started to work with Taobao, helping to package items that were being shipped to various areas throughout China, and into other countries as well.

This has revolutionized the way of life for those who were in these areas. It gave them another choice for how their life could be. They no longer had to worry about not having work, or moving away from their families.

The Future of Online Shopping in Rural China

What many people question is just how the world of ecommerce is going to change all of the country areas throughout China? This is not going to happen overnight, as it takes time to build new apartments, get the supplies needed and several other technical aspects that a company has to undergo in order to get into these areas. However, it will happen. China wants this to happen, as they want to spread the Internet to all areas of China, even the rural areas.

Once this happens, there is no reason why rural China should remain as an area that younger people do not enjoy, and where no work options are available. Truly, online shopping is revolutionizing the way of life for Chinese citizens.

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