How Videos are Becoming Driving Forces of Digital Marketing


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The digital marketing world involves a vast amount of elements in order to have a positive effect on the consumer market. One of these elements are videos. Today, the Chinese digital market is showing just how these videos can work to market a product or service, branding the company in the eye of the consumer.

With videos, the goal is to get more viewers to tune in, and to then recommend this to their friends/family, helping to get more views. Several brands like HSBC and Marina Bay Sands Singapore have produced videos that have taken the Chinese market by storm.

This video by HSBC Hong Kong, was a video that promoted a contest among fans of the Sevens. Fans dressed up when they attended games, along with making their own videos, under the hash-tag #BringYourGame.

This video is a great marketing technique as it gets the consumer involved.

Consumers love to feel as though they are appreciated and understood, and with the approach by HSBC they feel this. During one week alone, this video was viewed 123,000 times.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore used a celebrity, in this video David Beckham, to tour through their properties. Viewers tuned in to see the property, but also to see Beckham.

This approach works well for companies as they are putting a popular face to their brand, making it seem more trustworthy to consumers.

What do consumers want? They want entertainment in their videos, and if these videos happen to promote an idea or encourage a consumer to utilize a business or company, this is fine. The idea though, is to use this digital marketing for entertainment, while also adding value.

These two videos show a different way of getting the same results, which is more viewers. Videos are easily one of the main driving sources behind digital marketing. For businesses who are not utilizing this source, their digital marketing campaign is not as great as they think.  

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