How Your Brand is Already Present in China


Most businesses have been under the assumption it is important to enter the Chinese market when their business is ready, but what if your business already had a brand in China? It is completely possible your products or services are already being researched by Chinese consumers. Meaning, you need to ensure your brand image is maintained and highlighted in the Chinese market before you even make the official move to the Chinese market.

How Your Brand May Be In China

For businesses who manufacture goods, they may find their key market is the United States. However, re-sellers throughout the world could be buying these products and then reselling these on the Chinese market. Though your business may not be directly involved in the buying and selling process, the product you have is making it to the market. Many re-sellers put these products on Taobao and Tmall, even if they do not have the permission of the actual business to do so.

Our of 300 brands being talked about on social media, 40 of these have no target in the Chinese market

The Spreading of Your Brand

Even if you feel as though your brand is centered at your location, rather than spreading into the Chinese market, you would be wrong. It has been found that consumers talk about these brands via social media and search these brands via Baidu. This means consumers can easily make or break your product or service in China even before you make the decision to enter into the market. Consider these statistics, of the 40 brands mentioned beforehand, this resulted in 897,482 products on Taobao, over 13 million mentions in forums, over 600,000 Weibo search results and over 8 million Kol impressions. These are amazing numbers for a product not officially targeting the Chinese market.

The lesson to be learned from this is that your brand is out there on the market, even if you are not targeting it. Thus, businesses are better off to approach branding with a global perspective in many cases.

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