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Whenever commerce is mentioned, this goes hand in hand with the economy. For over one hundred years, the US has been the leading economy in the world. However, China has taken over as the leading economy in the world, thanks to the value of Chinese money being able to buy more than what someone would get with the same amount of money in the United States. So how do these two countries compare to one another? The below infographic shows some of the differences and comparisons the two economies have:

US vs China Commerce

Some of the highlights of this infographic:

  • China has a bit more land area than the United States
  • China has 188.9 million plus users accessing the Internet, while the US only has 83.6 million users
  • 4 million people in the US enroll into higher education courses, while 162.35 million Chinese enroll in these higher education facilities
  • In 2013, the average salary for a US worker was $44,888
  • The average salary for a Chinese worker in 2013 was 93,000 yuan, roughly $14,600 US
  • More people travel overseas who are from the US, but China is closing in on these ranks. You can read more about travel in China here

China has made major grounds when it comes to their economy when compared to the United States. Many people would accredit their increasing economy to e-commerce. Find out how e-commerce is playing a role in China here.


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