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For businesses in China who have yet to enter into the online market, Singles Day is a great day for making your business to be seen. However, as most people realize the Internet in China is widely populated on this huge shopping day. That is why learning how to navigate the complex Internet in China is going to ensure that your business or brand is not lose in the sea of options that are out there.

The following infographic looks at the Five Tips to Navigate the Complex Chinese Internet, giving some interesting statistics along the way:


Chinese Internet Singles Day

Most of these tips are aimed at companies who may be considered foreign brands in China, such as businesses that are located in the United States, Australia or the like who wish to offer their products to the Chinese consumers. This is a good decision for many businesses, as Chinese consumers have a state for authentic products that are considered the best from a particular country. Read more about what Chinese consumers want in a product here.

To break down this infographic:

  1. Companies should consider working with a Chinese company who is already established when looking to enter into the online market.
  2. Ensure that you work with a DNS provider, otherwise, your brand will be lost on the Internet in China.
  3. Always ensure that your site is running at top notch, as Chinese consumers are not going to wait for your product to upload, they will simply take their business elsewhere.
  4. Always ensure that you have a site that has a .cn domain name
  5. Be sure that you are using a local hosting company to ensure the speed of loading on your site

Keep in mind that according to

  • Customers who experience slow loading on a website are 16% less satisfied with the overall website
  • Decrease in speed by around 60ms means a 1% decrease in sales
  • 300 million people shop online in 2014, this is a huge market that your brand can tap into with the proper sources

You can read more about foreign companies entering into the Chinese market here

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