Is Mobile Advertising in China Doomed?


Mobile Advertising in ChinaMobile advertising in China, could it be outdated? And what would happen to mobile service providers who balance their books with it? Both might shut up shop, according to Rory Cellan-Jones writing for the BBC. He bases this on an advertisement in the Financial Times on Monday.

In it, an Israeli firm called Shine casts a light on a shadowy technology few of us know about. We are paying twice over on mobile, and that could be true as far as mobile advertising in China is concerned.

Could Mobile Advertising in China be Scamming Users?

Very likely, and almost definitely as far as websites containing adverts are concerned. These ‘consume a substantial amount of the data’ we pay for according to Shine, and are the reason why our download speeds stagger on occasions. Shine wants to sell ad-blocking software to prevent this happening. But, is its story true, or is its call to the GMSA representing 250 companies worldwide in the broader mobile ecosystem a clever piece of reverse psychology? And what are the implications for mobile advertising in China?

Two Sides to the Mobile Advertising Charge Debate

Shine wants to be the knight in silver armour when it says, “We believe that consumers should not be subsidising billion dollar ad tech businesses.” The GMSA responds that it, “… supports initiatives that provide consumers with more transparency and control over the privacy of their personal data” which is not the same thing at all.

Shine has succeeded in drawing attention to what nearly 200 million people already know. Advertisement blocking is a growing industry with a wide variety of apps available to achieve it. CAC News reports that the practice is growing rapidly in India and China on UC Browser and Maxthon, and that this could be ‘devastating for publishers.’

The latest Apple mobile operating system will include ad-blocking tools. This bypasses Shine that hopes to see its technology at network app level. Whose sword to fall on now? Quo vadis, mobile advertising in China? What is your defence?

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