Jack Ma: Alibaba First, Now Painter


There are hidden aspects to Jack Ma we may not know. After starting out in life doing English school teaching in the late 1980’s, he discovered the internet in 1994 and from there his career took off. Numerous accolades have followed him everywhere he goes. Despite this, he has remained a humble man with a deep interest in the world, the environment, and its people.

The Alibaba Painter with a Philanthropic Heart

Jack MaSometimes Jack Ma sets his business interests aside, takes out his paints and brushes, and becomes an artist lost in a private world in which he explores his vision of a better life for all.

This is an aspect the media knows little about, except for two pictures he auctioned for charity in 2013 and just now.


Jack Ma & Two Famous Works of Art

In 2013, the Alibaba founder and online shopping pioneer contributed a painting of a desert spiralling outwards to a charity project being undertaken by the China Red Cross and Taobao. That sold for almost $400,000 US. I wonder whether the picture he called “Ma-Style Painting” is of his life evolving, and why he depicted his environment as so harsh and arid.

Jack Ma’s latest painting titled “Paradise” appears to represent a happier, greener life as Jack Ma moves into a richer phase, and begins ploughing back some of his wealth into humanity and its environment. This sold in Hong Kong for $5.5 million US over the weekend, seventeen times the original estimate.

The Beneficiaries of Jack’s Charitable Gift

Jack MaThe proceeds from “Paradise” go to Paradise International Foundation, an environmental non-profit patronized by Chinese philanthropists. And who is the proudly generous owner of Jack’s vision into paradise?

He is Qian Fenglei, Chairperson of Universal International Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited and a generous man. He recently got together with his schoolmates, and gave each a specially embossed gold iPhone 6 smartphone inscribed “Class of 1992, Maoshan Middle School”.

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