JD.com Teams up With FruitDay


When discussing e-commerce in China, Alibaba is almost always the first company you think of. However, JD.com is a close second in the-commerce world, and the new deal that JD.com has made, is going to put this company in the spotlight.

JD.com recently invested money into FruitDay, a company which sells fresh fruit across China. This company is unique in that it sells its fruit online, allowing any person with an Internet connection to get the fresh fruit they desire.

The Cooperation between JD.com and FruitDay

JD.com did invest money into the company, which is sure to be put to good use. However, the relationship is also going to mean the two companies cooperate together. FruitDay is going to be allowed to tap into the logistics and fulfillment network that JD.com has across China. This is in an effort to help FruitDay be able to meet the demands of fruit orders from all around China.

JD.com has its own warehouses located throughout China, in an effort to fill their orders in a timely manner, something that other e-commerce companies cannot deal with. This is going to be a useful tool for FruitDay, as they need to get fruit to different areas throughout China.

The head of JD’s Mall business, Haoyou Shen, when asked about the collaboration of these two companies, stated:

“…more and more Chinese consumers nationwide will have the ability to purchase safe and healthy fresh produce online with confidence.”

What is interesting for many people is how well JD.com works with WeChat, and what this could potentially mean for FruitDay. WeChat users can make purchases on JD.com without ever leaving the app, which could open up a whole new way of getting fresh fruits and vegetables.

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