A Kangaroo Hop to the South: Chinese Tourism in Australia


China represents Australia’s largest market for total expenditure on tourism. Few people from the United States or Europe might have realized that Australia is the closest Anglophone country to China, and chances are they also don’t know that the ties between the two nations run deep. According to China Daily, “China is expected to contribute 30 percent of Australia’s growth to the tourism industry between 2015 to 2025”.


According to China Daily, “China is expected to contribute 30 percent of Australia’s growth to the tourism industry between 2015 to 2025”.

China sees Australia with new eyes

Migration from China to Australia has a long and complicated history, but at this point tourism is simply a profitable enterprise. Whereas other parts of the world might see tourism to Australia as an attempt to seek out adventure, explore deserted areas, or take gap years, the Chinese market sees Australia as a high-end paradise; status-conscious travellers head over looking for experiences in national parks and villas, not the wild life of the outback.

Chinese students flock to Australia for education

This positive view extends to education; many Chinese see Australia as a preferable education destination to the US and the UK. Contrary to what many outside of China might think, Chinese students often opt to study outside of China not because they can afford to, but because they didn’t make the cut to study in the top schools in China. As UK and US student visa requirements become more stringent, these countries are perceived as harder to access, which pushes many students towards Australia.

Alongside all this, it is also not hard to see how Australia, more affordable than the other alternatives, and with a healthier lifestyle, is a catch for young people.


As such it is no surprise that companies like Singapore Airlines are aggressively targeting the Chinese market to Australia, catering to all tastes. For more information see Resonance’s report on Singapore Airlines and to better understand Chinese Tourism promising market access Resonance’s Report Trend Report on China Online Travel.

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