KFC Beats the Drumstick


The ratio of wings and drumsticks to other chicken pieces in a KFC Streetwise 3 or 5 does sometimes seem excessive. However I am more inclined to think the reason is it keeps the breasts for burgers and popcorn nuggets where returns are better. Three Chinese companies recently caused chaos in the chicken coop by tweeting KFC uses genetically modified eight-legged, six-winged chickens and the giant restaurant operator has called foul to protect its brand.

KFC Wanting More than a Quarter Pound Burger Back

CTV News thinks this is part of a broader trend where internet marketers post false rumours on the internet regarding client competitors with a view to influencing public sentiment. After all, some mud does stick when you throw it. KFC has responded by demanding 1.5 million yuan ($242,000) and an apology from each of three companies that it says are responsible for the posts on WeChat, so it is clearly not prepared to play ball with them.

So Who is Playing Chicken with KFC in China?


I wondered whether someone hoping to sell counterfeit KFC chicken might be the driver behind the scam. I have not heard of the three companies being sued before, and indeed I found nothing substantive about Shanxi Weilukuang Technology Co, Taiyuan Zero Point Technology Co. and Yingchenanzhi Success and Culture Communication when I looked on the web.

I think these may well be shadow companies hoping to escape the current government purge of ‘online rumours, negativity and unruliness’. This could be a story to watch. I am thinking of opening a book on who finds the real perpetrators first. Will this be Cyberspace Administration of China, or KFC? Any takers?

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