Kobe joins forces with Chinese O2O food delivery platform ELE.ME


On July 12th, Kobe officially announces that he becomes the spokesperson of a Chinese food delivery O2O company, Ele.me, which marks his very first endorsement for a Chinese Internet company – an up-and-coming food/takeaway delivery company.

At first sight, you must be wondering what is Ele.me? and why does Kobe accept the endorsement of this local-based, more specifically, this Shanghai-based food delivery company, which is founded by several students from Shanghai Jiaotong University in September 2008? Let’s have a close look at this endorsement and Ele.me.


The new Ele.me campaign with Kobe

What does the endorsement about?

Promoting via a series of GIFs on the official WeChat account of Ele.me, the endorsement event released the announcement and more importantly, introduced the new function of Ele.me: ‘zhun’, which means “being on time”.


Delivery Knight Li: Through I couldn’t get 81 points as Kobe did, I can try my best to get full mark feedback from every takeaway I delivered.


Delivery Knight Zhang: Through I couldn’t contribute 30,000 points as Kobe did, I can do my best to deliver 30,000 takeaways.

Using Kobe’s images in each GIF, the company is indicating that they will deliver meals to consumers timely and treat the time as serious as Kobe does when he was playing basketball.  If the consumer does not receive the food on time, he/she will be refunded by Ele.me.

Moreover, the Gifs also display the consumer-oriented value of the company from the ‘couldn’t’ and ‘could’ comparisons between Kobe and Delivery Knights.

What is Ele.me?

Ele.me, which in Chinese translation: ‘Hungry?’, is a food delivery O2O company, backed by the Chinese internet giant Alibaba.

At the beginning, the platform just offers in-demand meal ordering service, but now, it also offers the services, including breakfast booking, flower delivery, grocery delivery from the nearby stores and supermarkets and a review broad, where consumers can communicate with the restaurants and stores. The expansion of these services from Ele.me is remarkably shaping Chinese people’s behaviours.

Moreover, if you have a search of Ele.me and have a look at its investors list, it is interesting to find that Alibaba and its rivals JD and Tencent are all on the list, as is shown underneath.

The Investors list of Ele.me

The list of investors behind Ele.me

Overall, the campaign is a clever way for Ele.me to signal their new commitment to punctual delivery, and who better to delivery this than an athlete, that has consistently challenged and defeated the odds over this career.


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