Lincoln Hoping to Brand Itself in China Market with Continental Concept

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Lincoln vehicles, owned by Ford Motor Company, have reinvented themselves drastically in the past 5 years. The brand was once thought to be a brand catering to older individuals, rather than a younger demographic. However, this was changed with the introduction of sedans which have sleek lines and bold shapes.

At the New York International Auto Show last week, Lincoln unveiled the Blue Oval Continental concept, debuting in 2016. The car is meant to replace the MKS sedan the company currently has on the market.

The concept has several aspects about it which will make it appealing to several consumers. These concepts include a large backseat that has climate controls on each side. In addition, the concept car is bold with its low center of gravity and wideness. It is a car meant to be not only luxurious, but handle well while driving.

At the auto show there were several extras on the car which included a champagne cooler in the backseat. Though these extras may not make it to the consumer market, most professionals in the field are positive of the car being almost identical to the concept seen at the show. Especially with Ford CEO Mark Fields stating that this concept was a strong hint of what the actual car will be after production.

The interest in the concept car is directly correlated with the brand’s ambition in the Chinese market. In fact, Kumar Galhotra, the president of Lincoln stated that the Chinese market is very important to the brand. With the designing of this concept car, several inputs were used from Chinese consumers, as to what they wanted to see in a large sized luxury vehicle.

According to Galhotra:

The big sedan luxury market is 1.8 million units globally

The Continental Concept is hoping to break into this market and specifically appeal to Chinese consumers, as well as consumers in the United States.

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