New CSBR Report on Celebrity Liu Wen: How brands are using her on China Digital


Model and TV celebrity Liu Wen has become a favorite with Chinese consumers. As a result, an increasing number of brands are using her as an ambassador for their brands in China.

20160705_Liu Wen report

Brands use Liu Wen to amply the influence in digital platforms

In our 50th China Social Branding Report, we look at how three brands have successfully featured Liu Wen in their digital activations – Tory Burch, Estée Lauder and Vidal Sassoon. In this special report, we look at how these brands have thought strategically about how to leverage Liu Wen’s star appeal in a strategic way that engages the special relationship she has with her fans.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to use celebrities in a strategic way that fits brand objectives.
  • How to tell engaging stories through celebrity collaboration.
  • How to use celebrities to make your brand more accessible to consumers.
  • How to create more personally engaging content on WeChat and H5.
  • How to engage the unique relationship Chinese consumers have with celebrities through digital.
  • How to create engagement through brand emojis.
  • How create coherent celebrity campaigns through local digital platforms.

Download the report:

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Jerry Clode

Jerry Clode is Head of Digital & Social Insight at Resonance. He leads Resonance SMART, providing leading-edge research, strategy and naming for brands in China using bespoke methodologies. Jerry also produces Resonance's popular China Social Branding Report, a bi-weekly publication covering modern marketing methods of the world's top brands.

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