Manchester United Using WeChat in China


Manchester United

Social media is quickly becoming the best method for businesses to connect with customers, but it has been proven as a great way to also connect with loyal fans. This is after Manchester United has joined WeChat of China as a way to connect to their followers and fans. With the increase of interest in football, this move by Man United is one that will gain results. The team has said this moved has made them the leading football club when it comes to China’s social media outlets.

On top of WeChat, the team also belongs to Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo, and it was found that they are the most followed sports club on this platform that has over 13 million users. The managing director for the group, Richard Arnold, stated:

“Manchester United is always striving to find new ways to engage with our fans around the world…”

The launch on WeChat is just another step in this journey for the football team, and one which will bring the team to China’s spotlight even more than before. This latest addition to WeChat is just another example of how social media is becoming a dominant force in the Chinese market when wanting to develop a loyal consumer or fan base, with the Manchester United example. It is the interaction that this social platform offers which makes it great for businesses or brands looking to develop a loyal following, but also prove themselves to the market.

For Manchester United who had the goal of getting more Chinese followers to the sport, this move is one which will pay off. The interest in football is increasing in China, but this will help the team to stay on top in this area.

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