Marketing in China with WeChat: Amazing Examples of Success


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Connecting with the consumer base is the only method for a brand to truly succeed in the market. WeChat is offering a method for connecting with the consumer base in a method that can truly benefit any business who puts the time into developing a quality marketing plan for this social media platform. WeChat allows for messages, videos and comments to be shared with the world. However, for a brand to truly have a successful WeChat campaign, they need to think more about developing something unique, rather than just posting whatever. Chinese consumers are tired of the endless posts that provide no real value or entertainment.

Montblanc and the “Moon Phase” Campaign

The luxurious Swiss watch brand, took their product and the Chinese importance placed on moon phases to develop a WeChat marketing platform for their new promotion of Meisterstuck Heritage perpetual Calendar and Boheme Perpetual Calendar Jewelry watches. With this campaign, users were able to enter their birthdate and gender to receive information about the moon phase affecting them. Such as how this affects their personality, hobbies, work life and the like.

The idea was to highlight the moon phases since this is important to Chinese culture, but also because this tied in with the product that Montblanc was offering. For consumers, it not only marketing towards them, but provided information that was fun and educational.

Yves Saint Laurent Encouraging Love

The French brand has promoted their lipstick line in a variety of ways through WeChat. However, one of the most successful methods they have chosen was their “An Invitation to Kiss” campaign. With this campaign, the company shared mini-movies on six couples, who were all associated with one shade of lip color. They asked WeChat users to share their love story and tag this with a couple from the movies in order to win a lip gloss.

This interaction with the company is what made this campaign successful for the brand. They not only were getting recognition for their various lipstick colors and products, but they were also connected with consumers on a level that helps to concrete loyalty.

It’s All Fun and Games with Kate Spade

The Kate Spade fashion brand that is founded in the United States, got on board with the WeChat marketing method, though the brand used a difference technique. While most other brands inform or educate the market, or even offer to win new products, Kate Spade utilized a game as a way for followers to connect to the brand. WeChat does offer the ability to incorporate mobile games into the campaigns. With the Kate Spade brand, for the Mid-Autumn Festival, the brand used a flying lantern game as a way to let followers choose the lantern color, write their wish on this and send it off into the sky.

The interaction is what set this brand apart with their WeChat campaign, and is one reason why the brand has become known throughout China.

What these three brand stories show is that coming up with a way to address the Chinese WeChat followers is essential to success. Readers are not interested in the same old information they could get anywhere, they want a new method of delivering this information and want something that is going to catch their attention. Whether the brand decides to educate, interact with giveaways or offer fun games for WeChat users to play, WeChat is a powerful source for getting publicity and brand awareness in China.

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