Marketing Movies on China Social Media – Digital Strategy Report


China is poised to become the largest movie market globally from next year. To match the local hunger for movie going, franchises need to think strategically how they best use digital platforms to promote and ensure box office success.

In this digital strategy report, we analyze the successful digital approaches of recent blockbusters in China. The Star Wars, Kung Fu Panda and Lost franchises represented three different types of films for Chinese audiences – one foreign, one foreign but familiar, and one very local. In the report, we detail how each film leveraged their uniqueness, on digital platforms, to successfully engage China’s moviegoers.


What you’ll learn:

  • How to establish content partnerships to seed new cultural ideas to Chinese audiences.
  • How to successfully introduce a foreign cultural practice in China.
  • How to successfully engage celebrity and KOL talent as part of a wider brand engagement and story.
  • How to engage internet culture and language to create relevance and connection with a Chinese digital natives.
  • How to structure celebrity endorsement in a 360 media strategy.
  • How to creatively engage with China’s media culture to achieve brand differentiation and recognition.
  • How to create consumer relevance with creative deployment of brand assets (characters/stories).
  • How to connect digital activities with purchase outcomes through digital infrastructure design.

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Tracy Zhang

As a Masters graduate of Foreign Trade, Tracy started her career helping supermarket brand City Shop to source the ‘hunger’ of Shanghai’s internationalizing consumers. Now that she has found her passion in consumer research, she is helping develop Resonance's ground-breaking ethnographic offer.

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