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Mazda has gone ‘artistic’ to promote their new Bose full surround stereo system that will feature in their Mazda 6 Atenza. Collaborating with famous painter Du Kun to create ‘hyper realistic’ images to communicate the sound quality and experience of the new sound system.

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The campaign is an interesting and creative attempt to connect to a certain segment of China’s car market.  As consumers move past the practical and status consideration of first-car ownership, there is now a noticeable shift towards ‘driving as an experience’ – so enjoying the driving as a hobby, including music and entertainment are becoming differentiating factors for auto-brands.

Also the selection of Du Kun’s work, which extends behold his iconic abstract painting, is an attempt to engage the post-80s generation here (older millennials born after 1980).  For this generation, they pride themselves on their participation in art and craft, and consider themselves more ‘pre-digital’ than the early millennials in China (post-90s, and post-95s).  Within this group, there has been a noticeable spike in interest around art and culture – seen by; theatre, gallery, and exhibition attendance, as well as more bespoke classical consumption such as emerging wine connoisseurship.


The Mazda 6 Atenza – a car focussed on China’s post-80s generation

Mazda has done a great job here, to use the talent of Du Kun to merge a functional message, with a more aspirational one – that is, how to be a person of taste and culture.  In a statement in Chinese, by Saatchi&Saatchi, the agency behind the work, Fan Ng states “… that this generations (post-80s) … are wanting to transcend purely materialistic considerations to gain new experiences.  For them, driving is like a “battle”, so they to use consumption to create a breakthrough driving experience for themselves.”

Lets have a look at the work

The two works that form part of the campaign, feature a male and female (ostensibly a post-80s Chinese consumer) as part of wild landscapes.  The images are united by a challenge to the post-80s target “践新径,听见新境” (A new route of exploration, feel a new perspective).   See below.

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