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Our friends over at Tech in Asia have produced an interesting graphic highlighting what happens “every minute” in China digitally.

The logic is great, in the time you have to scroll through, the activities noted, in all likelihood will have happened.

Some points on how you should read the graphic, to get most value out of it

1. Remember, not only are Chinese netizens doing this every minute, they are also multitasking at the same time, so add another 20% to the activity you see below

2. The team at Tech in Asia have done a great job of aggregating the data and averaging it across a unit of “one minute”, but remember that Digital China is characterized by spikes in activity, due in part to the cultural phenomena of “kan renao” (which translates roughly as “seeing what the fuss is about”). In terms of local internet activity it means users aggregate intensely around certain events and viral phenomena – Singles Day (included in the graphic) is an example of a massive spike amongst a normal pattern of regular tremors.

3. The graphic further evidences the increasing “Uber-ization” (perhaps better termed “Didi-zation”) that has created a cultural expectation that mobile users can access almost all daily services on their mobile, in an integrated way, that merges locational and purchase profile data in one location.

4. An important observation from the graphic is the level of activity on mobile phone devices – this is a trend set to continue as both international and local brands battle it out at the high and low price end of the market, mobile connectivity will rise further in China – creating massive implications for e-commerce and brand extension

5. Of the behaviors featured, mobile video is certain to boom even further, as local video sites – such as Youku, Qiyi and Bili Bili – become a more integral part of entertainment promotion and viewership.

6. Gifting will continue to grow but we believe it will become more personalized, as brands try to create a specific story as part of gifting.  See our CSBR Report on Lufthansa, to understand this new trend.  But the energy around Singles Day will continue, as it has become an entrenched digital calendar event here.


China’s Internet in One Minute by Tech Asia


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