Mobile China Pushes into US with ZTE


Mobile China in the form of onshore top brand ZTE is steadily elbowing its U.S. competitors aside, with smartphones some say are just as good, and dare we say a little cheaper. Its mobile phones now have 8% American market share, and are starting to breathe down the necks of homespun Apple, Samsung and LG brands.

Is It Time for Mobile China to Come out the Closet?

The South China Morning Post seems to think so. Home-grown cute is no longer apple pie in the minds of many Americans when it comes to smartphones. They know that Chinese technology has caught up. The Asian giant has also become a trusted trading partner – give or take a few bumps and grinds as the two nations square up.

Now, the Morning Post says it is time for the Chinese tech giant to take the wraps off its mobile smartphone ZTE, and progressively rebrand it as homespun China and about as good as you get. This is going to take some manoeuvring. To date ZTE – and its closest mainland rival Huawei – have been anonymously supplying B2B to American mobile operators AT&T and Verizon (as Cisco are beginning to do vice versa)

Chinese Delegation to America Rolls Axon Smartphones Out

ZTE America launched its Axon subsidiary phones in inimitable B2P fashion. It placed its latest offering on visiting delegates’ tables at the Seattle welcoming banquet. Nobody, but nobody who is anybody in global marketing can miss the significance of this, as accompanying Mobile ChinaVIP’s proudly displayed their gifts to the media.

This could be a defining moment, with President Xi Jinping agreeing to association with the most potent cell phone competition mobile China has produced to date.

AT&T, Verizon and the rest of the American pack must have burned midnight oil in the past week. How are they going to upstage ZTE now? The current U.S. President’s influence is waning. His successor may not prove to be the trump card that they need.

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