How Chinese Mums are using Mom&Baby Apps – New Stats


China’s famous data analysis company, QuestMobile, released their Q1 report in 2016 on Mom&Baby apps. The huge size of the monthly active users (MAU) is exciting. However, the low percentage of market penetration rate is unexpected. Young and independent female consumers from the first and second-tier cities are the most active users on these apps.


Mom&baby mobile app monthly active user and market penetration rate

According to this report, China already has more than 48 million MAU on Mom&Baby apps. However, there are only 5.2% of the users who take the next step on these apps: navigate to the shopping sets inside the apps.


Distribution of mom&baby mobile app users in different types of cities

Consumers in the first and second-tier cities hold a dominant position in Mom&Baby app market. 30.2% of MAU come from the first-tier cities, and 31.2% of them are from the second-tier cities.


Gender distribution in mom&baby mobile app users

Men are more active on mobile web than women. However, when it comes to Mom&Baby apps, women are more conscious of their and their babies’ well-being than men.


Age distribution in mom&baby mobile app users

Chinese post-90s’, post-85s’ and post-80s’ show a high enthusiasm towards mobile app sites. More than 70% of MAU are from these groups.

There is an apparent gap between MAU size and the further engagiing people in Mom&Baby app market. Females who are born after the 1980s and live in the first and second-tier cities are more likely to engage with Mom&Baby apps. These people are usually independent, well-educated and have full control of their own or even the whole family’s money.

Thus, besides targeting this group of women as the primary target, there is still more scope for Mom&Baby apps to grow. How to connect with these women digitally? How to increase the market penetration rate? And what kind of voices are these powerful women happy to hear from Mom&Baby apps and can motivate them to take the next step?

Empowered by their independent spirit and full control of money, these women are the most powerful consumers in this market. Thus, the only 5.2% of the market penetration rate is too low. How to make the most of this huge size of influential users is something for Mom&Baby app marketers to think about carefully.

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Cherry Han is a Consumer Research Specialist at Resonance. Graduating from Newcastle University, with a Masters degree in Media and Public Relations, she has more recently set her sights to deciphering the behavior of Chinese netizens – particularly her fellow post-90s.

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