Who Needs a CFO, Chinese Website hires a Celebrity C”J”O


Chinese e-commerce site Vipshop has appointed Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou as their company’s CJO – that’s right their CJO, not CFO, or CEO.

The popular singer and actor, and more recently, reality TV host is massively popular in Mainland China. Recently, he voiced Kung Fu Panda’s Monkey, for the Chinese language version of the film.

So being appointed C”J”O has taken his local fans by surprise. First they heard of it, was Chou’s Fans Weibo post showing his new “very pink” name card, with the title clearly visible.


Vipshop’s CJO Jay Chou – a world first

The move is already creating a lot of online buzz, with netizens trying to figure out what the J in CJO really means. Is it the Chief Joy Officer, the Chief Jingxi (Surprise) Officer, or is he simply the Chief Officer of himself – the Chief of Jay Chou.

The celebrity collaboration is part of a number of activities keeping Vipshop in the news. Over the Chinese New Year, they gifted cars, tropical vacations and other surprises to their own employees.

Vipshop was established in 2008, and has become successful by offering online discounting for fast fashion and lifestyle products. Their core audience is in their twenties and upwardly mobile – a group that would prefer a CJO rather than a CFO, especially if it is Jay Chou.

The Taiwanese celebrity is expected to take part in the brand’s promotion events in the following year, providing more clues, or what a CFO does, exactly.  Our bet is it is part of the Vipshops brand story about the ‘ability to surprise’.

For more on Jay Chou, read our latest report on digital strategies of film blockbusters in China – including the activities of Jay Chou as part of the Chinese cast of Kung Fu Panda 3.

Vipshop screenshot

Vipshop Website


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