Nestle Launches Digital Debate Campaign in China


To build awareness of their ice cream, Nestle launched a new website that allows young Chinese to debate unusual topics together.

As the temperature in China rising, and summer dawns, Nestle has built some buzz for their ice cream – 8Cube – by inviting young Chinese to debate topics they do not normally have the chance to.

In collaboration with popular video website – Iqiyi – Nestle has created the “Let’s get Unusual” (一起乐出格)website.   The campaign was inspired by Iqiyi’s popular online talk-show “Bibi talk” which focusses debating on eccentric participants debating odd topics with each other.

In Nestle’s version, the have created the idea for teenagers, with the topics of debate more about their lives. For example, two debates about “whether you will tell your teacher if his zipper is flying low”, “should I reveal my crush before I graduate”.

Nestle attracts young Chinese by involving them into the awkward delimma

Nestle asks Chinese youth to debate awkward dilemmas

On the site, teenagers can takes sides in the debate, add comments, and also suggest future debates for the site.   The two debates were than created as a video, where ice cubes from Nestle product (8Cube) became characters who presented these awkward dilemmas.

Also to incentivise debate, the users, whose comments enjoyed the most popularity could win tech prizes such as an Iwatch.   Also the debate that proves most hotly discussed will form the basis of an online talkshow at the end of the campaign.

Does this campaign work?

  • Yes, 8Cube was flagging as a product, this created a direct link to their specific target in China
  • It made a popular adult format accessible and relevant to teenagers
  • It used Post-95 online culture, as the basis for the campaign – out-of-the-box mashup and redefinition
  • It provided a structure for the campaign to become an online community, creating longevity and a strong level of consumer involvement

For more about China’s latest millennials – the Post 95s – see our post earlier in the week.
Also, another great campaign focussed on Chinese youth from Snickers.

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