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Running is taking off in China.  To engage local runners, Nike launched Nike Run Club – a digital campaign that helped local runners come together and discover a new found love for the sport.

Why is running ‘so hot right now” in China?    

The rise of running is a combination of several key trends.

  • First, as urbanites spend long hours in the office, they are actively seeking more opportunities to exercise.
  • Second, local consumers increasingly measuring their health and fitness through their mobile devices.
  • Thirdly, city folk – even in China – can get a bit lonely, so are looking for activities to do collectively.
  • Fourth, but certainly not least, having a hot body is becoming more important as local selfies go ‘full body’.

Nike Run Club’s Fun Way to Get Chinese Runners Up to Speed

What did Nike do to capture this urban trend? 

In our report, we analysed how Nike encouraged a deepening of running culture in China.

Through digital and digitally activated events, they helped local runners engage with running culture in a more profound way – by helping them measure their performance, come together as groups and access content about Nike’s long association with running.

The local  Nike Run Club campaign was timed strategically create a differentiated connection with new runners. In the local context, where Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, New Balance and Li Ning are all targeting the same group – young urbanites moving their aspirations from luxury, increasingly to sports wear.

In an Olympic year, it was important for Nike to strike early with a strong digital campaign focussed on consumer engagement.  Later in the year, the focus will move to celebrity athletes, but Nike has successfully ‘stole a march’ on competitors by make a geniune contribution to China emergent running culture.

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