New Internet Regulation for Weather Forecasts


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A new regulation has went into effect for internet users in China, stating amateur or hobbyists weather enthusiasts have to keep their weather reports to themselves, rather than sharing these online. Officially, only those who are public weather figures can give a weather report and have this published online.

The Chinese Meteorological Administration has banned these weather reports, stating only those with official authority can make such forecasts. This regulation goes into effect on May 1, 2015. The administration states in the new internet regulation that no weather predictions can be made, which includes those that may involve clouds, wind speed, air temperature, humidity levels and wind direction. For those who make the mistake of making a weather report, they could see fines as much as 50,000 yuan for doing so.

This internet regulation comes at a time when many hobbyists utilize social media to predict the weather. However, many amateurs predict weather that scares the public, resulting in panic, which did happen earlier during this year. The new regulation aims at ensuring the public’s safety and ensuring only the correct information is out there.

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