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The idea of social media expanding a business is one that many Chinese businesses do agree with and are using for to their advantage. Luckily, Twitter has now made its way into China, with a new office set up in Hong Kong. In order to announce this, Twitter took to their Advertising account and, in Chinese, stated “Hello everybody!”. The director for Twitter in the Russia and Greater China area, Peter Greenberger, stated that the idea of putting the office in Hong Kong was to help Great China businesses reach a global audience.

The idea of reaching a global audience is one that many Chinese businesses are interested in, as they realize how much potential this could give their business. Greenberger was interviewed by several magazines about Twitter being located in China now, and did state, “If Chinese advertisers are looking to reach customers in the US, Brazil, Indonesia, UK, India, Europe, then we think Twitter is going to be among the best and most efficient ways to reach these customers.”

The Great Firewall that exists in China is often one of the reasons that many businesses do not look into expanding into the China global market. However, as Greenberger points out, several sites like Huawei, Xiaomi and the like are going to give businesses a method of seeing what customers are talking about. From there, businesses can create tweets that are going to target the latest issues being talked about, and help to put products or services to a group of people who need them.

The basic principle of supply and demand is being met with the help of this social media tool.

Twitter is a relative newcomer to the social media world in terms of global reach, but this should not stop companies from using their services to reach a wider audience. Google has been in China for almost 8 years already, and though Google only keeps an advertising service team in China, it still has seen some success within China. In fact, in 2014, Google was able to create 6 billion yuan in revenue from their operation in China. The general manager of this division of Google in China is Landy Huang, who has said that she has seen growth in this sector.

Huang has stated that most advertising demands via the Internet come from IT, e-commerce, gaming and tourism.

All of which are thriving online and need to ensure that they are using the social media advertising tools to their benefits. Twitter is just another tool that businesses can have in their arsenal to ensure that they are able to develop their brand globally and succeed with this. Which is one of the biggest problems that Chinese businesses face when going global, as they are unable to relate their product or service on a global platform. This could be due to translation issues or simply not having enough knowledge about the market that they are trying to penetrate. This is a common issue and one that can be minimized when using the advertising services of Twitter and other China social media companies. These advertising sectors utilize the latest information to ensure that they are putting your product or service into the right market to reach the biggest audience.

Though Twitter has been around for a while, the addition of their Twitter office in Hong Kong is going to be one of the ways in which Chinese businesses can succeed on the global market. To succeed on the global market is the goal of many businesses, who want to ensure that their business is going to be around for several years to come.

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