New Report on Pepsi Monkey King Can Campaign


Over the Chinese New Year holiday, Pepsi launched a souvenir Monkey King can promotion to coincide with the release of a Journey to the West film.

To engage netizens more emotionally with the promotion, Pepsi created a video focused on veteran actor Liuxiao Lingtong, whose family have a special relationship with the role of the Monkey King.  The video focused on how Liu has devoted his life to portraying the essence of the character to its fullest.

The video was a viral hit, with over 20 million views.  It also formed the basis of a full 360 digital campaign.  The campaign is the focus of our latest China Social Branding Report.  Become a member to gain this report and all previous CSBR reports from Resonance China.

PepsiCo Bring Happiness Home 2016 Monkey King – Youtube Video:

Same video on Youku:

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Tracy Zhang

As a Masters graduate of Foreign Trade, Tracy started her career helping supermarket brand City Shop to source the ‘hunger’ of Shanghai’s internationalizing consumers. Now that she has found her passion in consumer research, she is helping develop Resonance's ground-breaking ethnographic offer.

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