New Reverse Prayer Challenge Slams Chinese Social Media


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Social media in China is some of the leading social media sites in the world. We have seen in the past how social media in China can influence social media throughout the world. Thus, staying on top of the social media trends in China can be overwhelming. However, one of the biggest trends that is being seen among kids on these social media channels is the Reverse Prayer Body Challenge. This challenge is mainly being seen on Weibo as of right now.

What is the Latest Trend?

This latest challenge is basically where teens are photographing or videotaping themselves doing a reverse prayer position in which their hands are tightly pressed together and pressed against their back, between their shoulder blades. The idea is that those who are able to do this are called “goddesses”, while those who can only get their hands to extend to their lower back are called “losers”.

What is the Big Deal?

What has many people wondering is why all of these challenges are being documented via social media from these teenagers. According to many this is the challenge that is going to showcase their thin and flexible physique. The problem is that many Weibo users are reporting this type of behavior stating that:

“It is certainly irreverent and insulting to those to whom religion is a key part of their life.”

The same Weibo user even stated:

“Those posting these images should be ashamed of themselves.”

In all reality, the pose that these teenagers are posting online is really a yoga pose called Paschim Namaskarasana. It is meant to promote upper body strength, while also strengthening the arms and abdomen.

This latest challenge is going to be one that is similar to other challenges that have been seen on social media. They will be forgotten eventually, as something new comes about. However, this is a trend that businesses are watching.

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The Coin Challenge

The last challenge that garnered attention from the Chines social media was the Coin Challenge in which people were encouraged to place coins along their collar bone to show how skinny they were. This later morphed into some companies getting in on the mix, with users posting pictures of balancing the company’s product on their collarbone. For example, DurexChina posted this:

durex china

So how will companies utilize the new Reverse Prayer Challenge? Only time will tell, but for health foods and businesses associated with the fitness market, this could be the challenge they have been waiting for.


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