New Series on China’s Young Tech Entrepreneurs


Over the next two weeks, Social Brand Watch will provide profiles of young tech startups in China. Very much at the heart of “Create in China”, these local millennials are investing their talent into creating solutions for local netizenry.

China’s Best Thinkers

Last month, the Chinese edition of Bloomberg Business Week published a fascinating feature on a new generation of under-25s who are shaping China’s startup scene. For us it confirmed what we already knew – that the creativity of this generation is certain to revolutionize China’s digital and social scene like no other.

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The Fresh Faces of “Create in China”

In the our posts we will explain not only what these budding geniuses are up to, but how their startups are likely to affect China’s morphing digital scape. The innovations are born of local digital natives who confidently place the needs of their generation at the forefront of their invention.

In the series we will look at startups in different aspects of China’s tech economy including fitness, workplace, lifestyle and e-commerce.

  • Wang Ning’s personal quest to create a fitness revolution
  • Qi Junren’s plan to make local mobile offices more harmonious
  • Ye Chenxi’s quest to provide a Mandarin Siri on steroids
  • Gao Yutong’s solution to help paying foreign tuition less of a headache
  • Liu Jingkang’s new phone size panoramic camera – INSTA360
  • Yuan Fei’s platform that allows local millennials to auction their free time

The series has been created by Tracy Zhang and Jerry Clode, and will focus on providing a powerful glimpse into local innovation and how this will feed China’s new digital economy. These entrepreneurs, all under 25, represent the creative force that is China’s post-90s generation.

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Tracy Zhang

As a Masters graduate of Foreign Trade, Tracy started her career helping supermarket brand City Shop to source the ‘hunger’ of Shanghai’s internationalizing consumers. Now that she has found her passion in consumer research, she is helping develop Resonance's ground-breaking ethnographic offer.

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