New Series on Digital Game Changers


In the following weeks, we will present a series on how digital is creating a “game changing” impact for consumers in China.


Digital Game Changers in China

The series has been created by Esther Zhang and Jerry Clode, and will focus on how digital is impacting key categories and industries in China.

Capturing Big Changes – So your Brand is Ready

From an industry and a category perspective, we will look at how digital will inform new behaviors and create new demands. For example, in our first post we will look at how China’s health sector will be redefined by use of interactive technology by both health professionals and patients.

Importantly, we want to highlight that digital should not be seen as an behavioral add-on, it is instead the basis for fundamental change in the way Chinese consumers engage with categories in the future – whether it be supermarket shopping, luxury purchases or travel.

China – the New Digital Frontier

The impetus for digital change in China is leading other markets due to the enthusiasm at both the consumer and official level. Both the Chinese government and consumers see digital technologies as an opportunity to improve efficiency, accessibility and experience.

It is no exaggeration to consider China as the new frontier of digital possibility. As barriers to digital adoption are less embedded in a society that has moved from being disconnected to digital leading edge in just over a decade. Our series will aim to highlight this dynamic by revealing examples of where digital is creating profound change.

Look out for our discussion about the digitalization of Chinese health, this Thursday.

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Tracy Zhang

As a Masters graduate of Foreign Trade, Tracy started her career helping supermarket brand City Shop to source the ‘hunger’ of Shanghai’s internationalizing consumers. Now that she has found her passion in consumer research, she is helping develop Resonance's ground-breaking ethnographic offer.

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