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Online shopping in China has always been cutting edge in terms of the products they offer. For example, online shopping platforms started offering medical supplies online, allowing a person never having to leave their home in order to get what they needed. Add into the mix their shipping options, with many companies trying to utilize a shipping procedure that gets the product to the buyer in records amount of time, the Chinese online shopping platforms are revolutionizing e-commerce for the entire world. That is never truer now with the collaboration seen between Kunming University and Taobao.

There is a new shop on Taobao, a “talent shop”, that allows potential employers to purchase the resumes and contact information of those graduates that are considered the most promising from the newly graduated class of Kunming University. There were approximately 4,500 students that graduated, and only those with the top grades and skills were placed into the talent shop.

Potential employers who are looking to fill a position can pay 1,000 yuan, roughly $161 US, to purchase the contact information for the graduate they are interested in. Not only is the potential employer getting access to reviews written by professors, the desired salary by the student, but Kunming University is also offering to verify information about the student and even work with the student and employer to set up appointments and meetings for the position. Once the employer fills the position with a student chosen from the Talent Shop, the employer will receive a refund on what they paid to access the profile.

The Talent Shop

With each graduate that is placed into the Talent Shop, they are divided into one of four categories. These categories are based on the strengths of the student and are meant to help potential employers narrow down their options for the position they are looking to fill. The President of Yunnan University said:

“He hopes to use the new Taobao shop as a means to save time and resources for both employers and graduates.”

Why Taobao Introduced the Talent Shop

To many this may seem like an odd type of shop to have in any online platform, however, this year saw seven million students graduating and entering into the work force. This is seven time more than what was seen 15 years ago. Employers have a hard time of going through all the interested applicants to find the one person that fits their needs. This idea is that with the Talent Shop, it will reduce time and get these positions filled rapidly.

Right now Taobao is only working with Kunming University, but if the intrigue in this collaboration hold, there may be even more universities who wish to do something along the lines of the Talent Shop.

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