New Store ‘Jessica’s Suitcase’ Opens on Tmall


jessicas suitcase

One of the trending topics on Weibo today is the new online store that is opening in China. This comes as surprising news given that the owner of the store is the daughter of the former Australian prime minister.

Jessica Rudd, has opened her store on the Alibaba store front, under the name Jessica’s Suitcase. The store can be reached through Tmall Global. Jessica’s Suitcase is a store dedicated to mom’s and baby with several organic baby foods, fruit purees and women’s goods available via this store.

Rudd attracted the attention of Weibo when she announced to the world:

“I hope you will like Jessica’s Suitcase and find what you need in it!”

To further gather the attention of the Chinese market, the former prime minister of Australia, Keven Rudd, posted to her Weibo message:

“Good to see my daughter open an online store in Tmall and sell Australian specialties.”

Within Jessica’s Suitcase, there are several products carried. Thus far, the bestselling product is the Paw Pay & Honey Lip Balm that has sold 856 units since last week. In the past three days, there have already been 19,000 shoppers to Jessica’s Suitcase.

This announcement of the store opening via Tmall Global, comes at a time in which Alibaba is attempting to encourage more foreign businesses to sell on the web to Chinese consumers directly. In fact, Jack Ma, has been seen in the United States discussing just how small businesses can succeed online within China, as Chinese consumers are always looking for high quality, imported products.

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