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Every year, GlobalWebIndex and We Are Social combine together in order to release the APAC Digital Report. This report is meant to show just how China is competing with the rest of the world in terms of digital, social and mobile usage. The overall findings were not what people expected for the most part, but they come as no surprise to several industry professionals.

When it comes to Internet usage, Asia as a whole is lagging behind other areas like North America and Western Europe. Central Asia has approximately 39% of its entire population using the Internet, while East Asia has the highest total in Asia with  52%. This is compared to 88% of North America and 81% of Western Europe that utilize the Internet.

internet use chart

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Globally, 42% of people are going online and using the Internet.

One trend  internet usage statistics are supporting is the fact there is still room for more people to come online, as not everyone is doing this. And in order to do this, most people are going to be using their mobile device to do so. Which just goes to show how important the mobile is going to be in the market in the foreseeable future. Hence, big companies are looking at their mobile platform for ecommerce, social media and the like.

The study also documented just how many people were using their mobile for internet access, and the results were surprising. For 2014, it seems that 34% use their mobile to access the Internet. Last year, this was 29%, and in 2012 only 25% used their mobile for internet access. This shows that people are increasing their mobile usage, while decreasing the time frame of when they utilize computers, tablets and the like.

The study also found when it comes to media activities as a whole, more people are spending time online playing gaming consoles, reading the paper, watching television or listening to the radio. And the percentage of those who are online increased from last year.

 60% of people are spending time online, on average 7 hours per day.

media consumption chart

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Daily internet activity is saw an increase in social media like YouTube. In addition, it seems much time is being spent on social media sites like QZone, QQ and WeChat, as well as WhatsApp, Baidu Tieba and Viber.

daily internet chart

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Within Asia, those who are located in the Philippines spend on average 3.4 hours using social media. However, China consumers spend on average 1.4 hours. The gap is being attributed to the ages of people in the area. As younger people tend to spend longer amounts of time on social media.

social media chart

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All the information studied and reported, is impressive, but most professionals are expecting to see even more growth this year than last year. This is mainly due to more secure internet connections becoming available throughout the world, allowing more people access to the internet. Due to this, APAC has stated businesses and the world at whole, need to look at their mobile designs as mobile devices are going to slowly takeover the main way to get online.

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