Nike’s WeChat Fitness Campaign Empowers Chinese Women


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Nike is a world renowned brand that has made its way to China. What surprises most people is the effort that Nike is putting into their brand success within China. The company has already started their Nike’s “Better For It”, which is a program dedicated to women, and empowering them to become more fit. The program is already taking place in several other locations throughout the world, including the United Kingdom and the United States, with a degree of success for the company. They have now taken the same program and are aiming this at Chinese women.

The Idea behind this Campaign

The idea with this campaign is to improve fitness in women, and help these women to overcome the various barriers that may be in their way to becoming healthy. The company is mainly utilizing WeChat as a method for getting their message out there, along with brand mobile applications. The idea is to encourage those women who are not able to get through a fitness class or those who become easily frustrated with working out.

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The idea is that through reaching this audience, Nike is able to improve their sales and help to get more people aware of their product.

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The Consumer Goal

With this new campaign Nike is not as focused on performance, as they are on the style of their shoes. They are inviting those who are more fashion conscientious to see what Nike has to offer them. However, true to the Nike spirit, they are still trying to get women to get healthier. They are not saying the woman has to run a marathon, instead, finishing a half marathon or attend yoga class.

Sam Poser, an analyst stated:

“Women are much more likely to wear yoga pants when they go out shopping than they were five years ago…So that creates opportunities to sell more sneakers, as well.”

This seems to be the attitude of Nike with their new Better For It campaign. The ads are meant to help consumers relate to the women in the videos, while also helping to focus on active wear that is being provided to the consumer market by Nike. Through the use of WeChat, Nike is helping to promote sharing those exercising stories that may be uplifting, embarrassing or the like. They are also using the social platform as a way to promote community fitness through the download of certain fitness and health apps that could be helpful. All the while, Nike is discreetly showcasing their products on women, showing how fashionable they have now become.

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Nike and China

When looking at the athletic wear hold on the market, the mainland revenues for Q2 2015 saw a 17% increase. This shows Nike that they have room to grow throughout the world, including in China. What’s more, the company realizes the untapped market of athletic wear that is targeting women.

This is not the first venture into dealing with women consumers in China. In late 2014, the company opened a retail store that was dedicated to women in Shanghai. The “Better For It” campaign seems to be one that women are getting on board with throughout the world, only time will tell whether women in China are going to agree with the campaign’s message.

The entire report by Resonance on  Nike implementing its new program into China and targeting Chinese women can be found here.

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