Online Purchases with AliExpress: Risk or Reward?



Visit AliExpress and you are going to see numerous items from sale, and they are dirt cheap. For example, you could buy a slim smartphone cover for just $0.41. Search for a little while and you will come across those unique and odd things such as a hand painted monkey that is listening to music for just $87.21 USD. A genuine leather wallet could cost you $7 USD. Needless to say, AliExpress is becoming an addiction for many people out there.

Who is AliExpress?

AliExpress can only be compared to Ebay. It is an offshoot of Alibaba. However, where Alibaba sells more business to business transactions, AliExpress is all about consumer shopping. And they offer some of the best prices that are out there…making them a favorite among many consumers who want to find items for dirt cheap.

But how does AliExpress offer such low prices?  Most people are unable to understand how they can offer a phone case for just $.41, which includes shipping this to the location of the buyer. And in most cases, shipping is free on whatever you purchase.

The Issues Surrounding AliExpress

For the past few months, counterfeit products have been an issue with Alibaba, and AliExpress is not immune to these counterfeits. After all, one particular post on AliExpress was offering genuine Louis Vuitton dinnerware made in China. Louis Vuitton does not produce dinnerware like teacups and the like. When speaking of counterfeits, it seems that AliExpress is full of them. However, the issue that is seen here is that items are so cheap on this website, many people are willing to take the risk on whether the product will be great or a rip off. If it is a rip off they simply shove this in a back closet or throw it away.

The problem that people are having is whether they should be trusting every one of their purchases to AliExpress? With all the claims, such as LV branded dinnerware, you know that there are issues with what is being seen on this particular site.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

The best piece of advice that you are going to get about buying online via AliExpress is to pay attention to what you are buying. If you run upon a one of a kind item that is hard to believe, do your research. You will want to determine if the brand is one that even produces such as a product…that is if you are concerned with getting a counterfeit good.

However, if you simply like the product for what it is, go ahead and make the splurge. You should not be shopping AliExpress with the intent of getting name brand and fashion designer products. That is not what AliExpress is about. You are going to find some beautiful items that would be a great addition to your home, but chances are, these items may claim to be genuine leather, original crystal or something along these lines, but they are more likely imitation.

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