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Online shoppers in China have a unique advantage when it comes to purchasing products…they do not have to shop just Chinese retailers. Thanks to the number of platforms on the e-commerce market, they are not limited to just one company.  New research is showing that compared to the past few years, Chinese shoppers are using these online platforms to buy more products from overseas versus buying these products from a Chinese retailer. The big question on everyone’s mind is why are Chinese shoppers utilizing online overseas retailers for their purchases?

Why Chinese Consumers Purchase Overseas Products

There are retailers throughout the world that are known for their high quality product within a certain field. This seems to be one of the most vital reasons why Chinese consumers are shopping from overseas vendors. They realize that their product is more authentic and true to the quality they want when compared to a product produced by Chinese retailers that is meant to be somewhat similar. With this line of thinking, Chinese consumers are purchased the name brand product rather than the store brand knockoff.

According to the research that has been completed this year 28% of those who purchased overseas products online where new shoppers. This is much higher than in previous years. The report also highlighted that Chinese online shoppers are buying more products from Australia, the UK, Denmark, France, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Germany than they were a few years ago. Of course, Hong Kong and Macau were the two main areas for online buying for Chinese shoppers.

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The Home of Chinese Shoppers Affects Purchases

One of the newest pieces of information being seen in the Chinese online shopping world is the number of third and fourth tier cities that are now shopping online. This data is relatively new as these citizens are just now getting access to the technology to do this in order to be truly active with online shopping platforms. The regional differences that are being seen in shoppers is also showcasing just what people are interested in. For example, the research found that those who were shopping from Shanghai enough buying more chocolates, candies and perfumes. However, look at Beijing shoppers, they are buying more air purifiers than other areas of the world. Perhaps indicating what is more important in their area.

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Thus far, Chinese consumers have purchased over two million products from over 100 countries and regions win the past decade. And this is not going to be a number which will decline in the near future. Ecommerce platforms are looking to find new and innovative ways to keep Chinese consumers coming back to them, add into the fact that several companies in other countries are looking to enter onto the Chinese e-commerce market as they see how successful it can be.

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