Online Shopping Not the Only Big Activity Online in China


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When the Internet and China are included in the same sentence, most commonly people think of online shopping or ecommerce. This is a huge market, and one that is constantly in the news for breaking sales records, new partnerships and the like. However, it seems that shopping is not the only activity that is taking place in China.

Online Gambling Networks Take Root

Online gambling is by no means a new practice in the world of the Internet. However, recently Chinese police arrested around 98 people who have opened up to 500 online casinos that have attracted players from all over the world. The culprits have handled around $78 billion in bets.

These arrests have been made since July of 2015, however, the police are just now rereleasing this information. There have been 12 of these gambling dens that have been shut down in the Hunan and Guangdong provinces in China. Gambling is illegal in China, and has been since 1949. Online casinos are not something that the Chinese government is going to let happen, as these people found out.

The Internet Brings Crime to a New Level

This latest finding showcases just how crime is becoming more common in China, especially crime that is associated with the Internet. Every day there are products that are being duplicated online via ecommerce. In many cases, these duplicates are receipts and the like that criminals use the internet to find and locate the information needed to duplicate these items.

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China has the largest Internet population when compared to the rest of the world. It comes as no surprise that the country would have Internet crime running rampant. And with stricter regulations being placed on the Internet, there are going to continue to be those who are testing the limits and rules.

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