Oreo Introduces Tmall Packaging in China


Looking at the increasing opportunity of family snacking in China, Oreo has launched a digital way for local consumers to personalize their biscuit packaging.

Oreo, a Mondelez International biscuit -that has been on Chinese shelves since 1996 – is taking an interactive approach to becoming part of local families’ snacking occasions.  Increasingly middle class families in China are more conscious of keeping their child fully fuelled for the somewhat intense study activities they must complete very day, despite both parents being super busy.

As the category for family snacking intensifies, brands are developing more emotive platforms to create stronger levels of loyalty and advocacy amongst local families.  But as with many FMCG categories, both local and international competition is intense.

160509_Orea personalized package 1

Four fun steps to personalize your Oreo pack

New Tmall campaign based on personalized packaging 

In the context of a competitive cauldron, Oreo has launched an innovative campaign to create more engaged relationship with families.  Based on Mondelez International’s collaboration with Aligroup and Tmall, Oreo has allowed Tmall shopper to personalise their biscuit packets.

In four fun steps: families can choose three themed icons in the areas of film, travel and music; then, then choose a color combination for their themes; then third, choose ‘word themes” to match, such as cool, wow, omg, and go!; then finally, then write their own personalise tagline.

This is a wider extension of a earlier campaign called “Open up with Oreo”, where a limited number of users could co-create certain aspects of the packaging, as well as a personalised engraving of Oreo’s famous biscuit design.

This campaign was also promoted by celebrities such as the very popular model Liu Wen (see our article) and the ‘some spoilt’ star of TV travel show “Where is Dad” – Angela Wang, and popular soap opera actress Ni Ni.

160509_Orea personalized package 2

Angela Wang shares her ‘family’ themed package

Why we like this from Oreo?

We like this, as one of the things we are noticing with our in-home ethnographies, is how families love to use products to create fun conversations, and context to bring children and parents together.

Similar to a favourite board game, packaging co-creation is a fun, and digital, medium for the family to come together.  In the environment, of “study, study, and more study”, this is a respite that families welcome, a natural role for brands in the busy reality of contemporary families.

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