Pangea Mobile Changes Rules for Games


San Francisco-based mobile game provider Pangea has branch offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Xian China, where it is reaching out to China’s gaming platforms to make them more friendly to western eyes that are increasingly drawn to them. I suspect there is a visionary behind this project. Three hundred million years ago the supercontinent of Pangea included Eurasia, the Americas, Africa, India and Australia, and that approximates to the entire internet connected world.

Pangea’s Method Empirically Simple

Pangea is a straight up and down company started by social gaming leaders in Beijing and the San Francisco / Bay Area. It has hired in a team of veteran game players that will test the Pangeagames to breaking point before promoting them throughout the world. “We are a true gateway to the west,” Ray Cheng, the CEO of Pangea Mobile says.

“We are the only company that provides Chinese mobile game developers and publishers one-stop-shop services with analytics tools to make their games successful in the Western market.” Given that 300 new mobile games hit the streets in China monthly as part of increasing online gaming interest, just 1% of take as service commission represents a sizeable prize to take home pay.

Pangea Initiative a Huge Bonanza for China

China also stands to profit hugely from additional foreign income, and will welcome this given the fact that commentators like The Washington Post are already wondering what will happen if a faltering economy ‘tips the world back into recession’. Certainly the mobile gaming market seems set to grow exponentially, and Pangea is well-positioned to receive its share of it.

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