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Pepsi is one of the top three companies in the world for food and beverage markets to consumers. It comes as no surprise that this company in the past has done some relatively new age ideas in order to brand their product, and it seems that they are at again. Their newest branding idea is to utilize smartphones in China in order to reach their audience and ensure that the name “Pepsi” is always out there for the consumer market to see.

A New Smartphone for Pepsi

Keeping with the changing technological times, it seems that Pepsi realizes where their customer’s attention is a huge amount of the time, if you were to believe the studies that show consumers are utilizing their mobiles more and more. In order to embrace this concept, Pepsi is teaming up with a mobile company in order to make available a Pepsi smartphone.

The device is going to be called the Pepsi P1 and is going to be running on the Google Android platform. With the smartphone the person will have a camera, along with 16 gigabytes of storage. The price is expected to be around $205.

A spokeswoman for Pepsi stated:

“Available in China online, this effort is similar to recent globally licensed Pepsi products which include apparel and accessories.”

Will this Branding Idea Work?

Though the concept that Pepsi has emerged with, putting their name on electronics, is one that most people would think is a winning idea. However, there are already some flaws being pointed out. For one, when the smartphone was announced in October in Beijing, reviews are already coming out that are not putting the smartphone into a favorable light. In fact, Mobipicker, a Chinese technology website, stated:

“Decent, but no high end specs.”

Which begs to question whether or not this smartphone will be successful on the market. While the idea of branding your image into technology that a person utilizes every day, one has to wonder if Pepsi were thinking about their customers. For one, customers in China are considered to be some of the most technologically advanced societies out there.

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Secondly, the market for smartphones in China is thriving, with numerous companies trying to integrate themselves into the market. These companies are offering better running phones, innovative features, while all Pepsi really has to offer is a branded smartphone. In the end, consumers may simply not agree that the novelty of the item is worth the price, as it is not going to function as well for them.

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