Pepsi: Souvenir Can Digital Campaign


Determined to be part of New Year celebrations, Pepsi launched a comprehensive digital campaign to support the release of a souvenir Monkey King can. All timed to coincide with a movie based on Journey to the West released over the holiday period, based on the classic novel where the Monkey King is the hero.

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Pepsi Digital CNY Campaign in the “Year of Monkey”

In this insight report we reveal how Pepsi went well beyond tactical execution to activate Chinese consumers’ relationship to the heroism of the Monkey King. Using this as an emotive base, the beverage brand created a 360 digital approach that captured positive sentiment around China’s most important holiday.

What you’ll learn

  • How to leverage cultural values in a digital context
  • How to best leverage celebrity talent to create personal and genuine engagement
  • How to activate existing brand assets strategically to amplify a campaign
  • How to seed a promotion digitally – from introduction of assets to direct consumer participation
  • How to create a digital ecosystem that aggregates content from both social and traditional media channels
  • How to create a mobile ecosystem that maintains levels of engagement during a campaign
  • How to digitally engage Chinese consumers during holiday periods

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Jerry Clode

Jerry Clode is Head of Digital & Social Insight at Resonance. He leads Resonance SMART, providing leading-edge research, strategy and naming for brands in China using bespoke methodologies. Jerry also produces Resonance's popular China Social Branding Report, a bi-weekly publication covering modern marketing methods of the world's top brands.

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