RedBull Creates Virtual Classroom to Get Chinese Phone Addicts to Concentrate – New H5


During the exam season right before the long-anticipated summer holiday, RedBull launched an H5 featured with a virtual study room to ‘persuade’ college students to put down their phones and throw into exam preparation. It is an interesting attempt to engage with targeted millennium consumers, and apparently, this is a successful one.

Nowadays, Chinese citizens of various ages are becoming addicted to their phones. For every additive phone user, the first thing after they wake up in the morning is to look for the phone.  To remedy this and help students concentrate during exam time, RedBull created a virtual classroom to get young netizens focussed.

20160729_Redbull Mobile Classroom 0

College students are obsessed with mobile phones – Red Bull to the rescue!

What is in the H5? Virtual study rooms

To avoid college students being distracted by their mobile phones during exam season, RedBull built an online study room. After registering on WeChat, consumers can navigate to the doodle-like drawn campaign page where they can choose a place  they want to study – with a broad range of options including teaching buildings, libraries, cafeterias and moral education departments in the RedBull campus.

20160729_Redbull Mobile Classroom 2

Choose your classroom character

Within each scenario, there are different numbers of seats arranged in a classroom style – like musical chairs.  Students can take the vacant seats titled with nicknames that are popular among millennium netizens, such as foodie (吃货, Chi Huo), straight A student (学霸, Xue Ba), Show-off (臭嘚瑟, Chou Dese) and girly girl (软妹, Ruan Mei). There is a number featured showing how many people is using the online study room at the same time. Netizens can also tell who is sitting next to them with the WeChat account image on the taken seat.

20160729_Redbull Mobile Classroom 3

Gaining Points by “not” looking at your phone

Once they press the ‘start’ button, the timer in the virtual study room will calculate the time they spend studying in RedBull’s virtual classrooms. The user who leaves the phone alone for more than 15 minutes will be rewarded with the chance to go into a lucky draw to win  gifts such as telephone charge coupons and Tencent video VIP membership cards.

If they can resist for more than 45 minutes, the rewards will increase to a higher level. There is a BBS within the H5 where users can share their study status with others. During the campaign, more than 3 million students have used the online study room, of which 340,000 people interacted with the brand for more than 45 minutes.20160729_Redbull Mobile Classroom 4

Although we don’t know how much it can help students, it appears to be a  successful campaign

  • Allow users to take the initiative. RedBull didn’t restrict users into a fixed scene and feed them with information passively. Instead, it allows users to choose  from the multiple options and scenarios provided in the H5.
  • Speaking their language. When it comes to correcting  the bad habits, RedBull rejected any kind of lecture or education and interacted with them through post 95s’ cyber vernacular,  making the interaction more of fun.
  • Campaign topic perfectly fit the brand’s core value – maximum concentration for study.
  • Deep engagement with target audiences. With the timing mechanism, Redbull ensured an intense interaction with consumers for at least 15 minutes, which contributed to establishing a distinctive brand recognition among target audiences.


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